Our Print Methods

Screen Printing

Best used for bulk printing, accurate colour-matching and printable on almost anything!

Screen Printing is the process of running inks through a fine mesh screen to print your designs. The design is separated by colour and burned onto individual screens. Inks are then run through these screens to bring your design to life! This decoration method is your most cost-effective option, especially when doing large runs. Team and company uniforms, charity events and campaign shirts are only a few examples of orders that would benefit from screen printing.

Direct-to-Garment Printing

Best used for small runs, full-colour designs and the quickest turnaround!

Picture your desktop inkjet printer.  Now instead of printing on paper, it prints directly onto clothing!  Our Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers, using special CMYK inks, digitally print your artwork without any design limitations.  This type of printing is best for cotton shirts and small batch or even single piece runs.  Birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties or even printing a photograph onto a shirt, DTG is your best option!


Best used for small or large runs on polos, jackets and hats!

Embroidery takes your mom’s sewing machine to another level! Using needle and thread, designs are stitched into most any garment. Your design is digitized – our fancy word for the file we create – and loaded into our industrial machines that will recreate it using thread. Embroidery orders can be done on small batch or in bulk runs, making it perfect for any use. This decoration method is ideal for polos, jackets and hats to give your custom project distinction.

Want to learn more about our decoration methods?  Need any more information about our services?  Don’t hesitate to call, email or drop-in and pick our brains!

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